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Certified Life & Wellness Coach


I am Stephanie Archer, a certified Life and Wellness Coach. I am also an Inner Healer trained in the Sozo method of intercessory prayer and have a Master’s Degree in Corporate Learning & Development. 


I am inspired to do this work because I know what it feels like to have incongruences in your life. On the outside, you appear to have it all together but on the inside, you are broken. I made a decision to be intentional about my healing and developed an action plan for my mind, body & soul. I now know that the path to an abundant life is available to each and every one of us.  


Let me show you a new way. Imagine a life filled with love, peace, joy, hope and new energy! What will you accomplish when your true identity emerges without obstacles, excuses and limitations? I have the tools, strategies and resources to guide you on your wonderful and unique journey. 



My Mission

My mission is to facilitate the process that connects women to the abundant life they were created for. If you are not living in abundance, it is usually due to an area of your life that has not been healed. Other times, you simply need to identify obstacles that are preventing you from living your best life such as organization, time management, goal development or low self-esteem.

The beauty of hiring me as your holistic coach is that I can help you examine all the areas of your life. What needs to change? What does an abundant life look like for you? Once we develop the vision, we can get to the business of removing what is keeping you stuck, then you can begin living instead of dreaming.

I have relentlessly pursued my healing and to God's glory, I can say it is GOOD! I want every woman who looks at the landscape of her life and sees pain, unforgiveness, anger, lack, hopelessness etc. to know it can be different. Regardless of your age, current circumstances or back story, you can heal those broken places and walk in your authority and purpose. This is why I named my practice "Abundant Life and Wellness" and why this work is so important to me. Once you have been healed, you want nothing more than to help others get to the same place of liberation because true healing equals absolute freedom!

Don't Snooze on Clues!

I am proud to announce my new collaboration with "Don't Snooze on Clues" an on-line Academy where I create content and teach courses for high schoolers. My courses include, Resume Building, Interview Preparation, Life Skills Overview, Emotional Intelligence, Coping Mechanisms and Character Building. These are critical life skills that our young people need to succeed in high school, college and in life! The packages are reasonably priced and designed to be engaging and effective.  

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Working with Stephanie

Stephanie is an amazing person who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, easy-going and compassionate. She is always looking for ways to support people around her. Over the years, I found her coaching …

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Stephanie's heart and passion for people is evident in how she serves and loves them. She is an intercessor and prays with sharp discernment. She carries a Spirit of Excellence and loves to help …

Rose Keefer, Inner Healing Pastor

 Stephanie is a colleague, who I have known for more than 25
years. Despite being a certified life coach myself, there were times when I needed guidance and Stephanie is always willing to assist! She …

Brett S. Payne

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